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Leadership isn't about your knowledge or skills, it's about what you do and how you come across to others. My name is Marcel van de Hoef. I provide coaching and communication services to help financial professionals turn their expertise into influence and impact for their organization.


Expertise is important. But experts who can't connect with their audience are impossible to follow. And managers who do what they always did will never become great leaders. Expertise is only valuable when it's linked to who you are and the world around you.


No matter how much expertise you have, almost no one is born a leader. How do you ensure that people in your team can be their best selves, how do you handle conflict, and how do you convert your expertise into influence and impact for the organization? 


The best marketing is education. In that sense, knowledge-driven organizations are potential gold mines. But how do you package complex material in compelling messages, and how do you ensure that your experts can communicate that messaging clearly?

Strong focus on asset managers and investment experts

I help knowledge-driven organizations like asset managers develop leadership in communication and behavior. As a coach, my primary focus is senior professionals with extensive market knowledge, including portfolio managers, analysts, advisors and supervisors.

Coaching and communication, the perfect combination

Leadership is communication and communication is leadership. My expertise allows me to do more for professionals looking to grow as leaders and team players. I also use coaching techniques in my communication work, for example to help podcast guests feel at ease.

20 years of experience in the financial industry

I've worked in the financial industry as a journalist, communication expert and podcast host for 20 years. I'm familiar with the issues and know how to get straight to the heart of things. Thanks to my international media background, all my services are available in Dutch and English.


With executive coaching, I help portfolio managers, analysts, and other financial professionals get the most out of their leadership and human potential.

develop your leadership potential


I interview experts and develop those interviews into podcasts and articles to help knowledge-driven organizations increase their thought leadership.

increase your influence

About me

My name is Marcel van de Hoef, and I help financial experts and their organizations develop leadership in communication and behavior. Whether I work as a podcast host, interviewer, trainer or coach, meaningful conversations are the common thread running through everything I do.

I started my career as a journalist more than 20 years ago, working for Bloomberg, AP and other news agencies, and took on various management roles in the financial media and communication sector. In addition to my work as a coach, I've spent the past 10 years as an independent communication expert, interviewing investors and entrepreneurs.

I have a passion for communication, human behavior and leadership that I pour into my podcast and blog, Meeting Strategist. I live with my family in Hilversum, where you can find me out hiking in the woods every day.

Looking beyond what you already know

Ask a group of asset managers for the secret to their success, and you'll probably get the same answer over and over again: knowledge, research, analysis.

Expertise makes the difference. That’s not only true for organizations, it's also true for individuals. For example, without my knowledge of media, communication and leadership, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

But expertise alone won't get you there. Experts who don't connect with their audience won't get any followers. And fledgling managers who do what they've always done will never become great leaders.

Expertise is only valuable when it's linked to who you are and the world around you. How do you, as a knowledge-driven organization, package complex issues into a clear story that resonates with the market? And how do you, as a leader, convert your expertise into influence and impact for the organization?

Beyond Expertise stands for looking beyond what you already know, so you can connect with those around you. As a coach and communication expert, I help financial professionals and their organizations develop the leadership qualities they need to make that happen.


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What clients say

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Carlotta Westra van Holthe
Head of HR at Primephonic (acquired by Apple Music)

Marcel is toegankelijk, verhelderend, humble maar niet gereserveerd, deelt niet alleen zijn persoonlijke ervaringen als coach, maar ook zijn eigen looppad en de daarbij horende uitdagingen. Marcel geeft jou het vertrouwen in de eigen regie, en spiegelt je op een prikkelende manier zonder te frustreren. Dit geeft een veilig gevoel en vormt een basis van wederzijds vertrouwen. De check-ins/check-outs per sessie leren je stil te staan en jezelf hardop af te vragen: “Hoe voel ik mij vandaag?”. Het vormt de bakermat van zijn coachingssessies en hebben resonerende uitwerkingen in de dagen erna. Daar waar ik gewend ben om in één van de hogere versnellingen te leven, leidde het terugschakelen naar een lagere versnelling voor rust, ruimte en bevestiging dat ik op het goede spoor zit. Werken met Marcel werkt zeer verhelderend, gun jezelf deze APK!

Jurjen van de Pol
Head of Content at NN Investment Partners

Marcel has hosted and produced more than 70 episodes of our Market Talk investment podcast in the past one and a half years. I highly recommend him. He helped explain our market views and research to clients, prospects and other investors. As a former financial journalist, Marcel knows how to work with portfolio managers and investment specialists. He turns complex ideas into compelling podcast episodes that are both informative and entertaining to listen to. Marcel is very pleasant to work with. He constantly challenges the team to pin down the message and create the right story to achieve our goals.

Mark Belsey
Senior Healthcare Investment Analyst at NNIP | Certified ESG Analyst

Marcel has been an excellent host for the five podcasts we’ve worked together on. He spends time constructing thoughtful questions, he capably drills down to the heart of the issue and he helps to make complex ideas simpler and more understandable. His hosting and editing is highly professional and I really look forward to working with him on future episodes!

Roy Sharon
Head of Sustainability - Dutch Operations at Aroundtown Management NL

Marcel is a no-nonsense coach. He's thoughtful in his approach and never shies away from challenging you when needed. He’s a great listener, knows how to spot potential hurdles, and always asks the 'right' questions.

Minna Ylikauma
Head of Catalogue at Primephonic

I truly enjoyed my private communications training with Marcel in 2019 when our company was starting to grow rapidly and my role expanded to include not just internal communications but also high-profile external communication. Marcel tailored the sessions in a way that from day one I felt the training was customised specially for my needs; I felt 100% comfortable to discuss about my focus-points, successes and short-comings. During the training I discovered new aspects of myself as a leader by doing for example smartly guided self-reflection exercises. In the end this training did not only have an impact on my communications at my current work, but I know these techniques will help me throughout my career - and even better, the same approach in communication works as well in my private life. I feel like everyone would benefit from communication coaching, and Marcel's approach is warm, agile and he makes you think.