Leadership in communication & behavior

Beyond Expertise helps investment professionals and their organizations to develop leadership in communication and behavior. Run by former financial journalist Marcel van de Hoef, the Netherlands-based agency provides the following services:

- Coaching and training of investment experts, senior professionals and executives in the financial sector.

- Interviews, media training and sparring sessions to help executive boards and IR teams to articulate messaging about financial results and strategy.

- (Podcast)interviews with executives and investment experts for use in annual reports or to support ongoing communication with investors, clients and other stakeholders.

'Think clearly, communicate effectively'

My name is Marcel van de Hoef. I started Beyond Expertise to help financial-sector professionals and their organizations to think clearly, so they can communicate and lead effectively.

A quote that has inspired me in my work and life comes from war-time military officer Alan Brooke. After a clash with then-British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Brooke told one of his peers: "I love him. But the first time I tell him that I agree with him when I don't, will be the time to get rid of me, for then I can be no more use to him."

Like Brooke, I consider myself to be a Critical Friend or, as I prefer to call it, a Loyal Rebel to my clients. I'm committed to supporting them in their endeavors, which is exactly the reason why I don't shy away from honestly sharing my observations and challenging their thinking.

Whether I work as a podcast host, interviewer, trainer or coach, meaningful conversations are the common thread running through everything I do. I started my career as a journalist more than 20 years ago, working for Bloomberg, AP and other news agencies, and took on various management roles in the financial media and communication sector. In addition to my work as a coach and trainer, I've spent the past 10 years as an independent communication expert, interviewing investors, executives and entrepreneurs.

I have a passion for communication, human behavior and leadership that I pour into my podcasts The Happy Investor and Meeting Strategist. I live with my family in Hilversum, where you can find me out hiking in the woods every day.


Strong focus on asset managers and investment experts

I help knowledge-driven organizations like asset managers develop leadership in communication and behavior. As a coach, my primary focus is senior professionals with extensive market knowledge, including portfolio managers, analysts, advisors and supervisors.

Coaching and communication, the perfect combination

Leadership is communication and communication is leadership. My expertise allows me to do more for professionals looking to grow as leaders and team players. I also use coaching techniques in my communication work, for example to help podcast guests feel at ease.

20 years of experience in the financial industry

I've worked in the financial industry as a journalist, communication expert and podcast host for 20 years. I'm familiar with the issues and know how to get straight to the heart of things. Thanks to my international media background, all my services are available in Dutch and English.


With executive coaching, I help portfolio managers, analysts, and other financial professionals get the most out of their leadership and human potential.

develop your leadership potential


I interview experts and develop those interviews into podcasts and articles to help knowledge-driven organizations increase their thought leadership.

increase your influence