3 Tips to Build Better Habits (and Why You Need Them in Bear Markets)

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When the markets are falling, your natural response might be to incessantly check the financial news and your performance.

It gives you the illusion of control. But it probably does more harm than good.

As Joe Wiggins wrote in a recent article, the constant flow of negative news can trigger emotions that "provoke rapid, short-term decisions". And those are usually not your best ones.

So... how can you stay off your phone and stop checking the news all the time?

It's all about habits. In this week's episode of The Happy Investor podcast, I share three tips to help you break bad habits and build good ones. I also explain how these insights have helped me create better habits through the years.

Links to people, resources and concepts mentioned:

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-       Video about Stephen Covey's Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence

-       Episode 3 with Clare Flynn Levy and Episode 2 with Jorik van den Bos

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