ESG: The Itch, and What to Do About It, with Jorik van den Bos

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Jorik van den Bos, the former head of Kempen’s Dividend Team, opens up about something he struggled with during his last 10 years as an investor: applying environmental, social and governance criteria in the investment process. You’ll hear how ESG showed up in his work, how he struggled and what he did to deal with it.

Jorik, who left Kempen in April to do 'less with numbers, and more with people', also shares exciting news about the next phase of his professional life.

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As I explain in the intro of this episode, I changed the frequency of this podcast to at least once a month. And September is a good month because I have another episode in store for you. Next week I’ll welcome executive coach Tom Henschel to talk about how to lead when your team feels overstretched and things seem to be getting worse before they get better. Please follow the show in your podcast player to get notified as soon as this episode goes live.