How to Lead Your Former Peers When Taking on Your First Management Role

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In investing, experts lead experts. And the best experts usually get the management roles. Accomplished analysts get promoted to lead the research team and high-performing portfolio managers get to lead investment strategies.

It sounds logical, but managing people is a completely different game than being an expert. Managing people is less about what you know, and much more about who you are and how you interact with people.

Today's guest is Mamie Kanfer Stewart. She's the host of The Modern Manager podcast and an executive coach, who helps managers to build a thriving team and create an environment where everyone gets to be their best selves and do their best work.

"Managing people is unlike almost any other aspect of work that you were probably doing previously."

In this episode, she talks about the challenges investment experts face when taking on their first management role. You’ll learn how to lead your former peers, how to delegate, how to combine friendship with your new role, and how to have tough conversations to keep your people accountable.

We also recorded a short bonus episode to help new managers balance deep work with being available to their team.

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