How to Manage Yourself and Others Through Disruptive Change

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Ewout van Schaick is the head of Multi Asset at NN Investment Partners (NN IP). We first met at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Netherlands, where we both live, had just gone into full lockdown and companies like NN IP were looking for new ways to connect with clients.

This is how Market Talk was born, a podcast in which I interview NN IP experts about the latest market developments and investment trends. Ewout was my first guest, and he has been back on the show more than 40 (!) times. I love talking to Ewout, which is also why I wanted him to be on this show.

For me, the story of how Market Talk was born is a reminder that even the most disruptive events can bring positive change.

But of course, that’s usually not how it starts. When undergoing big change, we usually go through something that’s often referred to as the grief cycle, starting with denial and anger all the way to acceptance and finding meaning in the new reality.

In this episode, Ewout shares his ideas on how to manage yourself and your investment team through disruptive change. He also reflects on how his profession has changed throughout his 25 years in investing and what this means for him and the people he works with.

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-      Link to the Market Talk podcast on the website of NN Investment Partners

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