How to Lead When Your Team Is Drowning, Work Keeps Increasing and You Feel Stuck

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When I did my market research for this show, several managers told me about their struggles with the ever-increasing workload, caused by new regulation, shifting client demands or industry trends like sustainable investing. In some cases, teams are drowning in work, and things seem to be getting worse before they get better. In a situation like this, it’s easy for teams to lose motivation. As today's guest on the show says:

"Teams that are overwhelmed and hopeless, they just don't care anymore. They're going to do the work, and they're going to show up, but they don't care whether they win or lose because they're convinced they're going to lose. It's a real kind of dispirited feeling."

It’s also hard for the manager. Sometimes it seems like there's nothing you can do about it. I mean, there’s no way to alleviate the workload, right? Even if you had the resources to hire new people, where can you find them in a labor market like this? And with work this complex, it would take ages to get new people up to speed or to build a system to replace them. In the meantime, the team is complaining, and more work is being added constantly – if you are the manager, it can really make you feel hopeless.

Joining the show today is Tom Henschel. Tom is an executive coach, based in Los Angeles, and the host of The Look & Sound of Leadership, one of the longest running coaching podcasts in the world.

In this episode, Tom shares his process for helping managers of overstretched teams get unstuck. You’ll learn how to share bad news with your team, how to ask for more resources, what not to say when you are feeling hopeless and why it’s so incredibly important for managers to ask for help and to take care of themselves.

Fun fact about Tom: he used to be a professional actor, working in TV and theatre with stars like Richard Dreyfuss and Vanessa Redgrave. You can tell when you listen to his podcast, The Look & Sound of Leadership, in which he acts out real-life conversations from his coaching practice.
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